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Gray & Pape serves our clients, our profession, and our nation’s cultural resources by providing the highest quality cultural resources management services.


Company News

Gray & Pape Wins 2016 Boone County Preservation Project Award

In recognition of the firm’s April 2014 archaeological work at the Craig-Ewalt site, the Boone County Historic Preservation Review Board selected Gray & Pape to receive the Preservation Project award. In cooperation with the Boone County Public Library, the Boone County Historic

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Staff News

Resorting History in Rabbit Hash

Our neighbors in Rabbit Hash suffered a terrible loss on February 13 when the General Store, built in 1831 and the center of the community, was destroyed in a fire. As a member of the community, Gray & Pape is dedicated to helping the community restore this National Register-listed

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Industry News

Pictures from the Field

While conducting a field survey in early March, one of our field crews stumbled across this abandoned mini golf course in Pennsylvania. The first American course opened in 1916 in North Carolina. But the oldest mini golf course is actually located at Scotland's famed St. Andrews.

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